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All DigiGone® partners and distributors are certified by DigiGone to sell and support DigiGone branded products, including client license software and enterprise server software, to end user customers. Certification means that the partner or distributor is participating in an ongoing DigiGone sales and technical support training process and have passed ongoing inspections and testing by DigiGone sales and support executives. All partners and distributors provide first-line sales and technical support to their customers, while DigiGone provides second-line and back-up support.

Partners sell and support DigiGone software client licenses, which operate on the redundant DigiGone public servers or on their customer's own DigiGone enterprise servers. Distributors sell and support software client licenses, which operate on the distributor's own DigiGone enterprise servers. In many cases, these distributors offer value-added benefits such as Mullti-Continent Point-of-Presence server locations. Customer dedicated connectivity, bundled pricing and other enhanced features, benefits and capabilities. In addition, distributors often maintain and support their own cadre of distributor specific DigiGone partners.

For questions about partners and distributors, or if you would like to get more information about becoming a DigiGone partner or distributor, please write to us: