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Commercial Maritime

image of cargo ship at sea

DigiGone products and services offer Mariners an easy, secure, and cost effective means to provide enhanced services to their vessels and crew.

  • Enhance Safety
  • Improve Security
  • Reduce Liability and Costs

Secure Multimedia Communications


  • Safeguards your communications and corporate information from end to end.
  • Uses National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) approved encryption algorithms.
  • Provides remote video technical assistance, getting that piece of equipment back in service quicker.


  • Voice & Text, Group Calling, Push-to-Talk
  • Easy to start private discussions
  • Secure and cost effective with quarterly billing



  • Provides an enhanced level of care for crew in both emergency and routine medical situations.
  • Can avert unnecessary diversions and medical evacuations.
  • Assists in the return of crew back to duty quickly, reducing lost time.

Remote Managed Video

digiView® provides -

  • Live monitoring of engine rooms, gangways, pilot houses, and external spaces.
  • Remote retrieval of recorded video of an incident immediately after it occurs.
  • Critical views for the citadel and shore support locations in the event of a piracy incident.

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