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Remote Land

Remote means exactly that, remote. Limited resources, limited communication, limited creature comforts of home. DigiGone can assist you with your operations and team morale through our various secure and managed solutions.

  • Enhance Safety
  • Maintain Operations Tempo
  • Reduce Liability and Costs

Secure Multimedia Communications


  • Safeguards your communications and personal information from end to end.
  • Uses National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) approved encryption algorithms.
  • Virtually bring the manufacturer's technician to your downed generator to assist you with the repair.



  • Provides enhanced level of care for crew in both emergency and routine medical situations.
  • Five Plus kit streams patient data live to the doctor during the video call.
  • Several doctors may collaborate on care with the patient at the same time.

Remote Managed Video

digiView® provides -

  • Monitoring of your site perimeter.
  • Remote access and control of your site cameras from your office.
  • Remote pull of archived video/audio of a site incident, immediately after it occurs.

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