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Five Instrument Plus Telemedicine Kit (Five Plus)

At home, on the yacht, or in the air, digiMed ‘Five Plus’ Telemedicine Kit is ideal in any environment. Five Plus combines the benefits of digiChat®, five wireless diagnostic tools specifically selected by medical professionals, and the digiMed Consult dashboard for live streaming of encrypted device data — all integrated into one full featured kit. Small, lightweight, reliable, and ‘Mike Simple®’ to use, the Five Plus is one kit you never want to leave home or port without.

Perfect for Mobile Medical Units, Home Health Visits, Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNFs), Assisted Living Facilities (ALFs), Remote Villages, Forward Operating Bases, and more.


  • Significantly enhances the level of care provided and reduces the stress level of both the patient and the on scene care provider.
  • Portable, providing wireless mobility throughout the vessel, aircraft, vacation villa, or even on the beach allowing you to bring the ‘clinic’ to the patient.
  • Allows you to connect a variety of other peripherals and transmit video images and other data securely through the kit's SecureChat to the care provider.


digiMed has been used in support of a variety of medical emergencies in a variety of locations. Doctors have -

  • Virtually guided designated medical officers as they sutured serious head lacerations or performed finger reconstructions.
  • Performed remote psychiatric evaluations and grief counseling.
  • Treated other ailments such as hypertension and skin irritations.

The Five Plus includes:

  • Quad Core Tablet with Built-in Webcam
  • Bluetooth Digital Blood Pressure Cuff
  • Bluetooth Glucose Meter
  • Bluetooth Digital Thermometer
  • Bluetooth Electrocardiogram
  • Bluetooth Pulse Oximeter
  • Bluetooth Speakerphone
  • USB Macro Camera
  • Disposable Wired Headsets
  • digiMed Consult Software Application (using AES 256 bit Encryption)
  • External port(s) for peripheral devices such as Otoscopes and others to be transmitted to your care provider.
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Medical Assessment Guide
  • Small Semi-Rugged Carry Case

All diagnostic equipment tested and recommended by GWU-MMA physicians

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