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Patient/Doctor Consult

‘Consult’ combines the powerful features of our managed bandwidth, encrypted video teleconferencing application with the streaming of data from the various medical devices to a graphical display that appears on the doctor's or care provider's PC or tablet. Using HIPAA compliant, 256 bit AES encryption, the data is pulled from each device, compressed and transmitted resulting in a secure and very low bandwidth live stream. This is critical in support of remote medical care being provided to locations using satellite. This also significantly enhances the patient's level of care as the care provider can monitor the device readings as they are being taken. In addition, Consult allows multiple care providers in various locations to participate in the same session, viewing the same information simultaneously without increasing the satellite bandwidth/airtime.


  • Transmits video/audio and device data from the patient to the doctor.
  • Uses HIPAA compliant encryption to safeguard your personal information.
  • Allows for multiple parties to participate.


  • Receives video/audio and device data from the patient.
  • Viewable from a variety of devices to include Windows®, iOS, and Android.
  • More than one doctor can participate in the consult simultaneously.

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