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digi+Doc® Telemedicine

DigiGone® and the George Washington University Maritime Medical Access Program developed the digi+Doc service, a remote medical solution leveraging GWU's decades of experience and DigiGone's innovative products to provide immediate, round-the-clock phone and video medical consults for remote clients. Now, our clients can see and talk with the physician as if they were ‘virtually’ there!


  • You and our clients (to include Maersk Line Limited) have immediate access to more than 550 physicians and specialists.
  • Annual, flat fee remote consult service, no matter what the ailment.
  • Through our encrypted video, physicians can conduct their own virtual, first person exam resulting in a more accurate and quicker assessment.

Cost Savings

  • digi+Doc can assist you in avoiding a port diversion or medical evacuation which can run $75K or higher.
  • The enhanced level of medical care has saved the finger of a crew member's hand, its cost - priceless.
  • digi+Doc can reduce your worker's down time and get them back to duty quicker.

digi+Doc Subscription includes:

Private Access

  • Encrypted video conferencing ensures your medical consult with the physician is private.
  • Accessible to you 24/7, 365 days per year, worldwide.
  • This HIPAA compliant access to medical care is unparalleled in the industry and provides our clients assurance that their sick or injured mariner is receiving the best possible care.

Improved Level of Care

Through the digi+Doc service, physicians have:

  • Remotely guided a Captain and Designated Medical Officer during a three hour reconstruction and suturing of an engineer's finger after a slip and fall accident, saving the engineer's finger.
  • Conducted a neurological analysis to determine if a client's child was impaired as a result of a concussion.
  • Provided remote grief counselling to a crew member after the loss of a loved one, resulting in the crew member returning to full duty.

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