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Remote Camera Kit

This ‘Grab and Go’ kit is comprised of a tablet (with SecureChat® or Consult installed), a Bluetooth headset, and a wireless macro camera, all in a small soft case. A ‘take anywhere’ device for immediate access to your medical specialist, office/home or maintenance specialist. An excellent companion for vessels, remote sites or travelers as a quick front line communication solution.

The Remote Camera Kit can connect to any wireless access point within range whether it is a wireless router on your vessel or hotel room, your smartphone, satellite transceiver or a local area hotspot. In keeping with DigiGone's focus of making everything ‘Mike Simple®’, all you have to do is turn on the tablet, click on the icon, and you will be connected to your designated encrypted channel (providing you are properly configured to a wireless access point). This is perfect for the traveler on the go, yachtsman and others who are concerned about access to quality medical care, their office/home or remote maintenance assistance.

The Remote Camera Kit includes:

  • Quad Core Tablet with Built-in Webcam
  • Wireless Macro Camera
  • Bluetooth Earpiece
  • Small Semi-Rugged Carry Case

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