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Doctor using telemedicine technology

DigiGone's secure and managed bandwidth solutions make medical support services available to the most remote areas of the globe.

  • Improve Level of Care
  • Reduce Liability and Costs
  • Return crew or workers back to duty quickly

Secure Multimedia Communications


  • Safeguards your communications and personal information from end to end.
  • Uses National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) approved encryption algorithms.
  • HIPAA compliant.


digiMed® allows -

  • Patient and Doctor to talk and see each other, providing an enhanced level of care.
  • Five Plus kit streams patient data live to the doctor during the video call.
  • Several doctors may collaborate on care with the patient at the same time.

Remote Managed Video

digiView® provides -

  • Remote viewing of surgical rooms or specific patients
  • Monitoring of sensitive areas such as pharmacies
  • Remote retrieval and review of archived video/audio of an incident

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