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digiTech® (Rugged Tech Kit)

DigiGone's digiTech Rugged Tech Kit provides remote technical diagnosis support via live streaming video/audio and/or still picture transmission.

Instead of trying to explain a problem or a situation on the satellite phone, the engineer can now show the vendor or expert the problem in real time live video, and collaborate on a solution as they are actually seeing what the engineer is talking about.


  • The vendor can see exactly what the issue is firsthand and provide a quick and more accurate solution.
  • Vendor can supply schematics or pictures via the file transfer feature or give advice to effect repair.
  • Reduces the chance of error when ordering parts, which can be a significant cost and time saver.

System Integration/Operation

  • digiTech can be part of the digiView® camera system (if fitted) or as a stand-alone.
  • The kit connects to any local Wi-Fi or 3G/4G smartphone hotspot.
  • Temporary licenses can easily be emailed to vendors to connect them directly to you, at the source of the problem.

digiTech includes:

  • Ruggedized Wireless Tablet
  • Noise Cancelling Headphones with Mic

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