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Secure Communications

Versatile, text, voice, and video provides your crew or remote workers with more personal support.

  • Efficiently video conference with your fleet, mining camps, or expeditions.
  • Consult remote expertise for repairs at sea or at a remote site.
  • Provide your crew or remote workers a closer connection with their home and friends.


digiChat® - Secure, managed bandwidth video conferencing

  • Push to Talk for most economical voice calling.
  • User level capacity control.
  • Quality video with voice at just 70 kbps.


  • Voice & Text, Group Calling, Push-to-Talk
  • Easy to start private discussions
  • Secure and cost effective with quarterly billing

digiTech® - Rugged Tech Kit - Virtually collaborate with the manufacturer's technician right at the source of the problem

  • Quad core ruggedized wireless tablet for mobility.
  • Noise cancelling headphones with mic to operate in noisy engine spaces.
  • Collaborate with multiple experts to solve complex system problems.

Remote Cam Kit - Compact, take anywhere video conferencing kit

  • Wireless tablet for mobility.
  • Wireless macro camera for those close up inspections or wide area viewing.
  • Bluetooth earpiece for privacy.

CrewView Quarterly Service - Connects you to family and friends at an affordable cost

  • Easy access website for subscription.
  • Easy to renew.
  • Simple to use.

Temporary License Keys - Allow you to collaborate with others not normally in your network

  • Package of five licenses ready when you need them.
  • Issue to manufacturer and support technicians for remote repair.
  • Provide to remote patients in emergency situations.

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