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Remote access to live and archived events provides managers with vital information for critical decision making and mission support.

  • Enhance Safety
  • Improve Security
  • Integrates with Existing Camera Systems


Onsite Server Software

  • Integrates with a variety of analog and IP cameras.
  • Record video and audio events.
  • Store for extended periods of time.

Onsite Viewer Software

  • View and control digiView cameras from within the vessel or site.

Management Pull Software

  • Remotely access and retrieve archived data from remote locations.

Management Viewer Software

  • Remotely access and control digiView cameras from the office or while traveling.


  • 4, 8, 16, or more Cameras per System
  • Onsite Server PC
  • Optional Microphones, Wireless Access Points, and Other Peripherals


Remote System Check

  • Provides remote check of system components to include:
    • Cameras and Other Peripherals
    • Recording Hard Drives
    • Connectivity

Camera Swap-out Plan

  • Keep your system in optimal condition.
  • System maintenance program available.

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